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Inside Out

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<3 [Apr. 30th, 2005|07:31 pm]
Inside Out
[mood |hopefulhopeful]
[music |Mariah Carey- its like that]


Ordinary Questions-

Name: Kayla
Where do you live:in a small boring town, Ashville, Pa
favorite color: i <3 pink and orange
favorite food:cotton candy
person who your closest to:my best friend, Angela and my mother
boyfriend?:no, i cant get over my first love.
any pets?:Yes. I have a cat named Snuggles, 2 shih tzus named munch and kobie and i want a pom-pom to name Princess

Tell us your top five..
- greenday
-christina aguleria
-mariah carey
-the killers
-Drew Barrymore
-Kate Hudson
-Marilyn Monroe
- Jennifer Garner
-Adam Sandler
-50 first dates
-some like it hot
-save the last dance
-Patch adams

What's your opinion on...

Abortion: I think that if she was raped, she should have a choice, if she willingly had sex knowing the consequences then she should have to have the baby.
Homosexual people: i think that God didnt want it, but that if you have those feelings, you just cant stop them. Overall i am fine with it because it is how life works.
Labels: they are the reason that every girl has an enemy. With them we are divided for dumb reasons. Without them, life would be easier. Its just a name, like a brand of clothes, making us be appart.
Smoking: its unheathly and bad for people around you. I think people start to lose weight or to fit in. Fitting in and losing weight are the world. Be you, not some copy or follower of someone else.
Drinking: Its fun, when you have a designated driver and arent stupid.
Drugs: GROSS. i am, thats worse than anything almost. I mean, if you want to feel all high and different than do something that wont kill you and isnt so illegal.
war: sometimes, its needed. Other times, its just a killer. It reminds me of stupid girl fights that are far from needed. Sure, sometimes they are the resolvers and the things that make us free today, but they are also a killer when they are not needed.
very overweight people: Diet. Enless you cant. Its abusing your life. I mean, sure i dont think that everyone should go look like nicole richie does now( although i love her) You can only live one time, so do something for yourself besides eating. Try being healthy. Health food and running is good and fun. I think.
fake people: why be alive? if you are going to lie about who you are then you might as well be dead because you are worthless.
Different religion: Good. I am Catholic by parental choice. I am very spirtiual in believing ghosts and spririts. I am not a freak, haha. I just dont know if its really God, or something of greater or lesser power keeping us alive.

Tell the truth...

Are you racist? no.

Do you believe in love at first sight? yes i do.

Where did you hear about this community? i dont remember.

Do you judge/label people without giving them a chance? no, because i used to be judged and it hurts, once you know how it feels you dont do it.

Any suggestions for this community? not. Its wonderful because its inner beauty.

If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? Try to find a cure for cancer and buy some Juicy Couture purses and suits

Do you have any future dreams, if so, what are they?  Yes, i want to be a nurse or an actress. They are both so different, i know. I want to be a good role model, so therefor i want to be the actress. I would want to be a nurse so that i could help people.

Who is your role model and why? i have serveral. My mother because she is the most powerful presence in my life. Nicole Richie because she dosent care what anyone thinks of her. Jessica simpson because she is wholesome and funny and Marilyn Monroe because she was a great actress and person from the books i have read on her.

Why do you want to be in this community? I think i have true inner-Beauty that may be on the surface but only matters inside


use five words to describe yourself:
1. fun


From: starrieyez51
2005-04-30 05:05 pm (UTC)
hope u dont mind. i forget to make my favorite band/singers have ashlee and jessica simpson. Sorry i forgot!
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[User Picture]From: outrageus
2005-06-12 10:01 am (UTC)
welcome, your accepted, however, this community isnt very active...so promote please if you can :)
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