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<3... [Oct. 18th, 2004|06:04 pm]
Inside Out

Ordinary Questions-
Age: 15
Where do you live: Florida
favorite color: blue
favorite food: slushies
person who your closest to: I'd have to say my boyfriend.
boyfriend?: Yep.
any pets?: Yep. Two dogs, Daisy and Simba.

Tell us your top five..

- Taking Back Sunday
- Yellowcard
- Sugarcult
- Blink182
- The Ataris
- Johnny Depp
- David Spade
- Julia Roberts
- Robin Williams
- I can't think of another
- Road to El Dorado
- Emporer's New Groove
- Arsenic and Old Lace
- Little Rascals

What's your opinion on...
I'm really Pro-Life. I figure if you're old enough to have sex, you're old enough to have and keep the child. And even if you can't keep the child, at least have it and give him/her up for adoption. Or also, if you find out over you're pregnant that childbirth would seriously hurt you, or if you were raped and really can't keep the child, then it wouldn't be as bad as using abortion as a form of birth control.
Homosexual people: I really have nothing against it. You love who you love. It doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you.
Labels: Labels really suck. I can't stand being labeled as anything but myself. I will use the term "skater" for someone who skates, but nothing other than that, just to say "he's a skater" just meaning he skates and nothing else by it.
Smoking: I don't smoke, I can't really stand being around cigarette smoke. But I won't hate anyone because they do smoke.
Drinking: I don't really drink either. I really can't say my opinion on it, because I find it less harmful than smoking, but not much better. I take sips now and then at family celebrations but that's basically it, nothing really major. And not anything that would get me drunk.
Drugs: Same as my smoking answer.
war: I do not like it. It's so... violent. There's probably always a different solution if you think about it.
very overweight people: I really don't care what a person looks like. It's just looks.
fake people: I don't see what the point is of being something you're not.
Different religion: People should be free to believe in what they want to believe in.

Tell the truth...
Are you racist?

Do you believe in love at first sight? Not really.

Where did you hear about this community? I was just clinking links and thought it was cool.

Do you judge/label people without giving them a chance? I don't think I do... if I do, it's not on purpose.

Any suggestions for this community? I haven't really been involved in it (obviously since I just joined) so I really wouldn't know.

If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? Keep some for myself, and donate to charity. And put some aside for college.

Do you have any future dreams, if so, what are they? I was to be a teacher when I grow up. I've just always wanted to be one.

Who is your role model and why? Probably my mother. She immigrated from Mexico, and had to deal with a new language and everything, far away from family, and she deals with a lot.

Why do you want to be in this community? I just recently got into this being joining communities thing... and this one seemed nice, how in the info it said not to be really rude or anything, and so I thought it was a cool place.

use five words to describe yourself:

1. nice
2. hard working
3. loyal
4. honest
5. caring


[User Picture]From: heyjude91781
2004-10-29 03:15 pm (UTC)


+ pets' names- soo cute!!!
++ your responses, very original and you added a lot of detail to it
+ future job, I myself hope to become a teacher in the near future = P

***So overall, a YES for me!! Good luck with the voting = )
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